Peter Roise

PeterRoise035csI am the Owner Operator at Brightrock.  The production of high quality digital visuals and media are my passion, and with a photographers eye and a liberal arts education and teaching background I love beautiful communication.

Photography is my first love but I am rapidly becoming a video fanatic as well.  Today’s production tools do both and it’s a great time to be in this industry.  I loving using these tools to create interesting and effective new perspectives

I built my first web page in 1998, and no, you don’t want to see it. I have used the internet for all kinds of things–for instance, I once sold a 30 year old dishwasher on ebay for $.01. And fittingly enough, my wife and I fell in love through email.

I am excited to help you create stunning and effective new media marketing assets, so please call or email.



Phone: 208-874-3433