Content is king in a web 2.0 world where the new media opportunities are almost endless. img_8440brgThat guy on the street with a cell phone and a data plan is a walking video broadcaster, and you need rich media content in every aspect of the marketing and services provided by your business.   The other important thing to remember about the guy with the phone in his pocket is that he now has Google in his pocket, and he knows how to use it.  Chances are he’s also using social media and other Web 2.0 technologies to keep up with the torrent of information that is the web.

So you need a strategy to use that technology to get attention, and create stories, but you also need to figure out how to show up when the phone guy Googles your product or service, and how to get access to the streams and feeds of information he checks on a regular basis.  We can help, and we’ll help you figure out how much you “need” this kind of a plan.

Give is a call and find out about these and many other exciting Web 2.0 technologies that can help you get more and steadier business. And it’s looking more and more like web 3.0 is around the corner.  Ask about it when you call!

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